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testimonial pg-47-cropped.jpg

Read what people have thought of our events


Read what people have thought of our events

Read what people have thought of our events

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"The evening was well organised and the food was great."

"The first half of the night was fantastic."

"Thank you for the invite. At the right price, and with the right focus, I would definitely come again."
 "Engaging, Energetic, Excels ones thought and understanding to devise a new landscape of moving forward. Push boundaries! 

Expectations and overall view of 1st Aspirations self-purpose events

"I expected a nice night, good food music and entertainment..  But the night was exceptional.. Very spiritual and uplifting.. Left me in a great place months later."
"Music was exactly to my taste. Old school feel good Gospel/Soul music literally music for your soul."
"There was more than enough food. I thought the starter buffet was the main. Was almost too full for the main but the salmon was so nice I ate it all."

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"There was a bar very close to our seats so drinks were flowing."
"Entertainment was great. Singing/raping was beautiful. There was a sense of worship in the restaurant which was quite surprising."
"The seminars were excellent. I learnt about the brain/mind and which helped us to understand our mindsets and how to control it, in order to better ourselves and make better decisions. Also how to battle anxiety and fear."
"We also learnt about our different personalities. Understanding this enables you to understand other people and how/why they do the things they do. This is good for relationships and understand your partner."
"Overall the night was fantastic. I give the entertainment a 10/10. Food 8/10"

"Look forward to the next event."